Graham Layden

Graham Layden PhotoGraham Layden was a songwriter able to work with many musical styles and, when he came to work with us at the Garage, he already had a vast collection of material from his songwriting days in the 70’s.

We have included various tracks written & produced by Graham, Richard Salt & Joe Chibley here.

Also included are some clips of Graham’s earlier material written & recorded in the 70’s.

Sadly Graham is no longer with us. He passed away on February 2, 2013.

More background about Graham’s early years here:

Title – Composer(s) – YEAR – Notes
Ballroom Ghost (Way Back in the 20’s) – Layden, Salt & Chibley – 1995 – Big band jazz with tin pan percussion & vintage radio broadcast vocal sound with tongue-in-cheek lyrics (Featuring First Brass: Derek Watkins, Allan Botschinksky,  Bart Van Lier, Erik Van Lier)

Lyric sheet:

The Girl Over There – Layden, Salt & Chibley – 1994 – Britpop indie style track
Give Me Love – Layden, Salt & Chibley – 1993 – Pop
I’m Not Sorry (’95 Mix) – Layden – 1995 – Britpop song with potent lyrics
Let Me Into Your Life (Vocal by Mark Anthony) – Layden – 1994 – Ballad
Little Miss Brainy – Layden – 1995 – Jazzy
Million To One Chance (Vocal by Michelle Dixon) – Layden – 1994 – Ballad with gritty lyrical content written by Graham Layden – re-recorded here with Michelle Dixon supplying the diva touch
Sacred Sunday – Layden, Salt, Chibley – 1993 – Melancholy Power Tune
Sacred Sunday (Instrumental mix) – Layden, Salt, Chibley – 1993 – Melancholy Power Tune
Talk About You – Layden, Salt, Chibley – 1995
Talk About You (Instrumental mix) – Layden, Salt, Chibley – 1995 – Country-ish mood guitar vibe
Crying 4 U (Back Track) – Layden, Salt & Chibley – 1994 – Reggae Lover’s Rock style
Crying 4 U (Vocal by Becky Sediki) – Layden, Salt & Chibley – 1994 – Reggae Lover’s Rock style

Some of Graham’s earlier material …

Title – Composer(s) – YEAR – Notes
Fossils – Layden – 197? – Acoustic/Folk
Re-recorded at The Garage with Billy Ray Martin
Heroes (All you Lovers) – Layden – 197? – Acoustic/Folk
Madeline (Ronnie Scott Mix) – Layden – 197? – Late night jazzy ballad
Molly Brown – Layden – 197? – Check out the Banjo!
Thought I Was A Man (demo with rough vocals) – Layden – 197? – Psychadelic/Soul
When The Sun Goes Down – Layden – 197? – Acoustic dreamy folk

3 thoughts on “Graham Layden

  1. I worked with Graham for almost nine years as the duo “The Classix.” We played pubs and clubs throughout London. We performed the standards (Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, Kern, Warren etc). Graham died on February 2, 2013. I for one am devastated he is a great loss to the British music industry.

    • Hi David. Many thanks for posting. Very very sad news about Graham. He was a very talented song writer and musician. We had some fun times making music together in the mid 90’s. I think my favorite has to be Ballroom Ghost where Graham’s sharp wit shines through in the lyrics.

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