Roland SH-101

Roland SH101

I noticed on ebay a few weeks ago that a Roland SH-101 synth sold for just over £500! Hmmm, I thought, I happen to have one of those in my cupboard. It had been packed away since about 1997.

I really love my old SH-101 – it has been with me since the mid 80’s – so selling it would be like selling my soul to the devil right?

But, then again, we are talking potenially £500 for a synth I hadn’t powered on for over 14 years! What a waste of such an awesome machine. Someone should be making noise with this axe of a synth. So I got a grip & put my beloved SH-101 up for auction on ebay, with a reserve price of £101 of course 🙂

It turned out to be the most popular auction I have ever had on ebay with over a hundred watchers during the auction period & the bidding reaching the dizzy heights of the £500 mark. Sold to a guy in New York.

So, farewell trustee old SH101 – enjoy your new owner & life.

Anyway, if I ever get another one, I want one of these … a customized mod from circuit benders – very nice …

Modified SH101 by